How To Write An SOP For Visitor Visa Canada

Are you looking to visit your friends and family in Canada? Or are you here to understand about that SOP you are required to produce in order to obtain a Canadian Visitor Visa?


Keep your worries aside and take a good look at this. Preparing an SOP for Visa approvals can be quite tricky and hence, the perfect solution for your problems is right here. We have prepared a complete manual to guide you through the writing process of an SOP for Canadian visa for tourists.


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What is SOP for Canada Visitor Visa?

In order to visit more countries, you need to produce a statement of purpose alongside your visa application. This is applicable to Canada too and this document is very crucial in your visa approval. The document is a written statement of not more than two pages which clearly states the key details of your travel including the dates, accommodation, financial sponsorship, etc. By producing convincing SOPs, you can accelerate your chance of getting your visa approved in the first attempt itself!


Importance of SOP for Visitor Visa Canada


Let us take a better look at how significant an SOP is in your Visitor Visa application to go to Canada:

What are the key points that need to be mentioned in an SOP for Canada Visitor Visa?

You should include these elements to your SOP for Visitor Visa Canada in order to make a compelling statement:

How To Write An SOP for a Canadian Visitor Visa?

Follow these steps to draft a strong SOP for Visitor Visa Canada:

sop for Canada visitor visa

Fix and finalise your itinerary

Before you get started on your visa application process, you need to schedule and plan your travel and stay. Get all those details nailed to the specifics and then start preparing for the visa.

Go through samples

Before you get started on writing your SOP, you should go through sample SOPs for Canada Visitor Visa. You will get a better idea of the format and the structure this way.

Plan and structure

Now you need to gather all the relevant details and place them in the format. You can get started on the outline that will give a flow to the SOP.

Start writing

Now start writing the SOP. You should keep the tips and guidelines close to you to ensure that you are on the right track.

Proofread and edit

After writing, you should run a spelling check and look for grammatical errors. You can also give it to your friend or mentor for a second opinion.

Statement Of Purpose For Canada Visitor Visa Sample

In order to get you started, we have prepared a Canada visitor visa sop sample:

Sample SOP for Canada Visitor Visa

In order to get you started, we have prepared a sample SOP for Canada Visitor Visa:


The Visa Officer,

Canadian Embassy, India

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am humbly putting forth my request for obtaining a travel visa to visit my wife, Seeta Kumari. She is currently living in Toronto, Ontario and this is a personal trip to meet her. The purpose of my trip to Canada is to spend quality time with her and boost her emotional health while she is completing her final semester of her MS programme. Besides that, our wedding anniversary and her birthday is on 28th April and 30th April respectively, which I would like to celebrate with my wife.

During my visit, I am planning to stay with my wife at her leased apartment at (Address). My accommodation costs are hence covered, leaving only food and travel expenses, which is well affordable given my healthy financial position. I assure you that my trip duration will be exactly for two months as I am required to return back to my office by June 1st, 2023.

Total time to be spent in Canada

I plan to stay in Canada for two months starting from 1st April to 31st May 2023. I will be staying with my wife, Seeta at her leased apartment in Toronto, Ontario throughout the course of my stay in Canada.

Itinerary of Proposed Tour

I am scheduled to reach Toronto, Ontario, Canada on April 1st, 2023 where I will reunite with my wife and commence my trip. We have planned to explore the beautiful sceneries, landscapes and other attractions that Canada fosters. We are excited to visit famous places like Toronto Islands, Hockey Hall of Fame, Ripley’s Aquarium of Canada, Cherry Beach and High Park. I plan to spend the rest of my trip at my wife’s leased apartment and spend quality family time together.

Details about the applicant

I am Prakash Kumar and I will be travelling to Canada on April 1st, 2023. I plan to visit Toronto, Ontario from April 1st to May 31st, 2023. My date of birth is 21st January 1985 and I hold an Indian passport No XXXXX.

I am an IT professional and I am currently working at Infosys India as a Senior Technical Manager. I joined Infosys as a Senior Software Analyst in 2010 before which I was working as a Technical Analyst at Brillio from 2006 to 2010.

I have earned my Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology from Indian Institute of Technology, Varanasi. I recently completed my Masters in Computer Applications from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur and have been consistently looking for avenues to stay abreast of the developments in this sector. These efforts have helped me earn certifications in Windows Clustering, DevOps, VMWare and Microsoft Azure. I am also a certified Scrum Master, Project Management Professional (PMP) and Azure Solutions Architect. I am enclosing my employment letter for your kind perusal.

Family Details

We live in a joint family in Lucknow. Both sets of our parents are retired and live on the top floors of our apartment. Together with us lives my younger sister, Anahita who is currently pursuing her Master’s at Amity University. My brother and his wife are successful doctors in the Government Medical College and hence, have very busy schedules. Thus, my presence at home is very essential for the well being of our parents as they are approaching old age.

Personal Assets

Our asset structure includes both moveable and immoveable components that need to be managed regularly. I have XXXX of liquid assets in the form of savings. My wife and I jointly own residential properties in Lucknow that approximate to about XXXXXX in value. I have attached the bank documents and income statement to support these claims.

Who will be funding my travel?

I intend to fund my visit to Canada. Besides the accommodation expenses that are already covered (since I plan to stay with my wife), I will pay for the food, travel, sightseeing and overseas travel insurance.

History of International Travels

I hold a valid B1 US Visa. This was owing to my business trip to Los Angeles, USA in 2017 when I represented the technical team as a part of a project in Infosys.


I hereby state that all the information that I have stated above is accurate and true to my knowledge. I am also attaching our bank statements, employment letters, resumes, passport copies and tax returns for your review.

I am looking forward to visiting my wife in Toronto, Ontario and spending some family time together. I have no intention of staying beyond the two-month period as I have to resume my work. I would be much obliged to be granted this opportunity to stay with my wife for this two-month tenure.

Thank you for your time.


Prakash Kumar

What successful Canadian Visitor Visa should not miss?

Though you are not expected to write like an English laureate, your SOP must be strong and effective to convey your interests. It must convince the visa officer of the following things:
  • Your reason for visiting Canada

    The SOP must provide the honest purpose of  travel to Canada. This could be anything that ranges from personal commitments to professional reasons.
  • Travel Itinerary

    If you are planning to visit other places, you can mention the same in the SOP. This will highlight that you are only entering Canada only for visiting with every intention to leave.
  • Your financial status

    In order to get fast approvals, you need to produce evidence of a healthy financial position. If your trip is being sponsored by someone else, you need to provide the details of the same.
  • Aim to return

    By giving references about your family, job and other commitments in your home country, you can make your SOP for Canada Visitor Visa more powerful and convincing.
  • Health-related information

    With the onset of Covid-19, you must mention your health status in the SOP to give the visa officer a guarantee that you are not a threat.

6 Common Mistakes that lead to rejection in Canadian Visitor Visa

These are a few red flags that you need to dodge in your SOP for Canada Visitor Visa:

Submitting a poor SOP

The quality of the SOP falls when the reasons for travel and return are vague, there are mistakes in grammar or spellings or if it is too short. The visa officer would get the impression that you have not put much effort into conveying your purpose.

Not mentioning your travel history

By illuminating your previous visit to Canada or giving details about your past travels, you are creating the impression that you are visiting only to leave in the stipulated time.

Financial status

You need to present your financial position in order to convince the visa officer that you can afford your trip and stay in Canada. Hence, you need to clearly specify the details and attach the documents pertaining to the same

Personal information

You should mention your family, children, etc. to give the visa officer a description of your commitments in your homeland. This could strengthen your SOP for Canada Visitor Visa

Visa rejection history

If your visa has been rejected previously, there are high chances that this could raise a flag. However, if you mention the reasons pertaining to the same, you can steer the visa officer to giving you a green signal this time

Criminal record

You should provide clear evidence of a clean criminal record in order to get your Canadian Visitor Visa approved.

Best tips on how to write SOP for Canadian Visitor Visa

The below given tips can help you make your SOP more effective:
    1. Do not plagiarise or add false information as everything you mention is verified.

    2. The contents of the SOP must be structured in a logical sequence without restricting the flow.

    3. Adding irrelevant information will reduce the space for relevant information

    4. Use a neutral tone and a professional or academic font

    5. Make sure that you keep it within 1000 words or 2 pages.

What are the types of visitor visa Canada?

sop for Canada visitor visa

Canada offers temporary visitor visas for various purposes. The different types of Canadian visitor visas are listed below:

  1. Visitor/Tourist Visa
  2. Business Visa
  3. Work/Employment Visa
  4. Transit Visa
  5. Single-entry, Double-entry or Multiple-entry Visas
  6. Sponsored Family Visitor Visa

What documents are required for a Canadian Visitor Visa?

Besides SOPs, you have to submit these documents during your visa application process:
    1. Your passport
    2. Itinerary including details regarding travel dates and accommodation
    3. Academic transcripts
    4. Professional credentials and experience
    5. Evidence to portray your aim to return to home country
    6. Proof of financial stability
    7. Travel insurance
    8. Police Clearance Certificate (PCC)
    9. Medical examination results
    10. Filled visa application form
    11. Receipt of payment of visa application fees

What are the chances of getting a visitor visa for Canada?

The approval rates of Canadian Visitor Visa differ every year owing to various factors like economic and political scenario, changes in immigration policies and much more. However, if you have clearly mentioned the relevant details that are given above, you can build a strong visa application. Each application is carefully assessed by the Canadian Immigration officers and hence, you need to ensure that you have attached all the necessary documents and evidence to support your SOP.


You have reached the bottom of this and we hope that this guide has given you enough insight. Do you consider yourself equipped to write your SOP for Canadian Visitor Visa? We believe that by referring to samples and following the above given tips you can easily complete this task.

Was this guide helpful in broadening your understanding about SOPs? If you have any doubts or feedback regarding this guide, you can let us know. Simply use the comment section below and get in touch with us!

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