Statement of Purpose for Internship - A Perfect Guide for Candidates in 2023

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What is a Statement of Purpose for an Internship?

A Statement of Purpose for an Internship is a document that you need to write to explain your background and reasons to secure an internship at a particular organization. This is an important part of your selection as it establishes your uniqueness through your skills and abilities to the recruiters. 

How Important is an SOP for an Internship in Canada?

An SOP for an Internship has much significance as there are a number of organizations and universities that offer these opportunities for practical exposure. However, there are many other reasons that make an internship SOP important, such as:

Guidelines for Writing a Winning Internship SOP

Writing an SOP can prove to be a challenging task if you are not familiar with the process. This is where guidelines will help, as you can check your document and ensure its professional quality. You can use the following guidelines to create the desired impact in your internship SOP

Statement of purpose format for internship

Formats are important for writing an SOP as it helps you to organize your details and makes it coherent for those reading it. For an internship SOP, you can follow a standardized SOP which will have the following information in paragraphs: 

Statement of Purpose for an Internship
  • Introduction: This is an important part of your statement where you will bring the necessary attention to your profile and your intentions to be part of the organization. 
  • Educational and Research Background: As you are a student, you will have to emphasize your academics along with research, if the latter is applicable. 
  • Interests and abilities: This aspect will add to your academic background and contribute to making your SOP unique for the organization. 
  • Importance of the internship: Here, you will have to mention clearly why you have opted to pursue this internship and what are your expectations from it. 
  • Future Goals: In this section, you will have to align your goals and aspirations with the internship, so that it can boost your application. 
  • Conclusion: For this, you can summarize your details with a statement that the internship will be a positive experience and that you are looking forward to being a part of the organization.

Statement of Purpose for Internship Sample

For a better understanding of what to write for your internship SOP, we have provided a sample for you. However, this sample is solely for your reference as you have to tailor it according to your profile. Also, using online sources directly in your SOP can be identified as plagiarised content and lead to a rejection of your application. 

Pursuing excellence in education has been a constant factor in my life, and I believe that every individual has the capacity for improvement. This mindset has driven me to add skills relevant to my profile at every stage of my education till now and it keeps me highly motivated to understand the complexities of my chosen field of business and finance. My name is ————-, and I am a student in the —– year of B. Com in Finance at XYZ University. I am writing this statement to apply for the business internship at your company, and I will be explaining my reasons for the same. 


Since I was a little child, I was motivated by my parents and mentors to follow my aspirations. This has been a crucial aspect of my career. In school, I maintained a good academic record and pursued the commerce stream at my higher secondary level, as I was keen to learn more about business operations. I also actively engaged in extracurricular activities which also enhanced my confidence and soft skills as well. It was these experiences that enabled me to pursue my higher education in Canada. This decision was supported by my family as they believed that it would offer me more occasions to demonstrate my abilities and grow as a professional, as I sought to augment my knowledge with a proper understanding of the business world with a specialized focus on finance and accounts. 


With my current knowledge of the business sector, I have understood that I have a natural flair for understanding finance and accounts. It has always been a preferred area of study in school for me as it requires logical processes to maintain clarity in finances. My understanding has broadened since I began my undergraduate program at XYZ University in ——-. I chose this program as it provides comprehensive guidance on Financial Accounting, Managerial Accounting, Financial Institutions, Business Ethics, Tax Laws, and Global Markets. 


During my course at XYZ University, I heard much about the internship program at your reputed organization, and how it has impacted the careers of students in a positive way. Along with the exposure I received from my program I also wanted to gain practical experience in implementing my theoretical knowledge about the field. The opportunity to work under professionals who possess versatile skills to manage financial transactions through efficient accounting practices, even for a short duration, appeals to me. In addition to this, the experience will be a valuable addition to my profile, as it will project my propensity to work hard for achieving my goals, my capacity for teamwork, and my ability to interact effectively with various stakeholders of a company. Therefore, I deduced that I will be an ideal candidate to meet your company’s expectations. 


Upon the successful completion of my program at XYZ University, I aspire to work in companies that are global leaders in the world of finance like PricewaterhouseCoopers International Limited, KPMG International Limited, Deloitte, and Ernst and Young; where I will be able to engage in audit and advisory services for American and Canadian companies. With the experience I gain about international standards in managing business finance, I intend to initiate my own consultancy firm in India, where I will be able to help companies to make the right financial decisions in the intensely competitive environment of the business sector of the country.  


To conclude, I would like to state that I will be much obliged if I am considered for this reputed internship program. My current profile is in consonance with the requirements for interns at your prestigious company and I am looking forward to being a part of a professionally challenging environment. For any further details, please contact me through my phone number or email ID provided below. 

Top expert tips on how to write an SOP for an Internship

Along with the internship SOP format, there are other ways in which you can add more to your SOP. We have compiled some expert tips that will help you in the writing process. These are: 

  • Focus on your skills and aptitude: This will make your SOP stand out among other candidates as the organization will gain familiarity with what you are capable of. 
  • Demonstrate your unique qualities: This is also an aspect that helps the recruiters assess your eligibility. This is why you need to focus on this part while writing your internship SOP. 
  • Accuracy: It is important to maintain accuracy while writing your internship SOP as any discrepancy found will lead to your rejection. 
  • Clarity: It is necessary that you maintain clarity of thought while writing your SOP. This will reflect in the document as well which will give the right impression to the recruiters. 
  • Present a proper narrative: Use a storytelling approach to present your case.
  • Concise approach: Do not make your document too lengthy. The ideal word limit should be around 800-1000 words to get your message across. 
  • Use a standard style: Using standard styles for writing and formatting your document will give it the formal look it needs.

Most common mistakes avoid in your SOP for Internship

Mistakes in writing are more common than expected but writing an SOP requires you to overcome these and present a narrative that will help you get selected. You may want to be mindful of these while writing your SOP:

sop for internship
  • Using informal language: Your internship SOP is a formal document for your selection process. This is why it is important for you to use appropriate language in your document. 
  • Copying content: Your SOP has to be unique to your profile, so you must make sure you do not plagiarise any content in your document.
  • Using cliched phrases: In order to add authenticity to your SOP, you need not use generic phrases or flattery for the organization you are applying to. This will not help your selection process. 
  • Grammatical inaccuracy: Errors in language and sentence constructions can divert the attention of the recruiters from your qualities. So, it is necessary to check your SOP and remove any errors that may have occurred during writing. 

     ● Presenting misinformation: Accuracy of your details is vital to your internship SOP as any form of            exaggeration or wrong details can also lead to a negative impact on your application

SOP for the Most Popular Internship Programs in Canada

Canada is globally renowned for providing ample opportunities for students to receive practical exposure through internships and work terms. This makes an internship SOP vital as companies have a large number of candidates to choose from. Some of the most popular internship programs in Canada are: 

  • Google Canada Engineering Practicum: This program is a three-month program for undergraduate students of Computer Science and Software Engineering. Additional benefits other than practical knowledge are that interns receive a stipend and housing during the internship. 
  • Deloitte Canada Summer Internship Program: This is a 12-week program that is based on accounting and finance; where students receive practical knowledge through mentorship by experienced professionals in the field. 
  • PwC Canada Internship Program: In this, students receive exposure to business functions and operations such as accounting, tax processes, and consulting, by being a part of company projects. 
  • Canadian Red Cross Internship Program: This program adds a humanitarian aspect to the lives of students who opt to intern at the organization. It includes internships in disaster management, communications, and community health. 
  • GE Canada Internship Program: At General Electric, interns receive practical exposure to a variety of fields, such as engineering, technology, marketing, energy, and finance. This adds more value to their undergraduate or postgraduate studies. 

SOP for Internship in Different Universities in Canada

There are a number of universities that offer internships to their students as it helps students to gain experience and develop their research capacity. We have listed some of the institutions that offer these opportunities, so you can apply accordingly: 


We hope that you are feeling more confident about writing an SOP for an internship as we have done our best to cover all the aspects relating to this topic. 


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You need to introduce yourself as a confident and capable young student who can take on the responsibility of an internship to add to your profile. 

It is always advisable to review your SOP for an internship with someone trustworthy as they will be able to detect any discrepancy you may have missed. 


This is an important reason to state in your SOP as it will authenticate your application and create a positive impression on the recruiters. 

Interns are required to write an internship SOP to present valid reasons for organizations to evaluate prospective candidates to join them. 

For freshers, a statement of purpose for an internship can help you project your capabilities that can land you a role to gain practical exposure.  

You can write an SOP for a summer internship by presenting your details in a standard format and using the guidelines we have provided. These should be adequate to help you effectively.


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