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Not satisfied with the course you have taken? Or wondering how to write an SOP to request a change of course? Look no further as we will provide you with the information required for this. We understand that knowledge is not limited to an academic stream and that broadening your academic horizons can help you significantly. Through this blog, we will attempt to: 

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What is SOP for Change of Course

An SOP for Course Change is an essay that is written to state your intentions to pursue a course that is different from your existing educational background. If written well, it will persuade the admissions committee to consider your eligibility for the intended program and how it will aid your career. 

Importance of SOP

In this part, we will explain in detail how an SOP can add value to your profile and aid your admission process to your chosen university: 

Guidelines for writing Statement of Purpose for Change of Course

Now that we have established the importance of an SOP, it is necessary for you to know some guidelines that will help you plan your essay better.

A captivating introduction

: As this is the beginning of your essay, you will have to state your purpose with clarity so that it will have the right impact.

Accurate background

In your SOP, you must provide full details about your education and the professional roles you have held. It will give your SOP a lot of credibility in front of your chosen university.

Additional experience

This is a section that will add more meaning to your essay as it will serve as a persuading point for your admission. You can mention any activities you have conducted that will help your application.

Convincing reasons for selecting the program

: As you are selecting a path that is different from your previous one, you have to explain your motivation for this change.

A comprehensive strategy for the future

With your reasons for pursuing your chosen program, you will also have to link your career with it.

Summary of your story

To write an effective conclusion to your essay, you will have to summarize all the points you mentioned with a message to consider your candidature for the program.

Format of SOP for Change of Course

Using the correct format is of utmost importance as it will present your details in a comprehensive manner for its assessment: 

statement of purpose for changing course sample

In order to provide more information about how you need to write an SOP for a course change, we have put forth a pattern based on a Civil Engineer who wishes to pursue a Project Management program. This is solely meant for your reference and you will have to add details from your end to make the SOP a compelling one. 



Student ID:




To whom it may concern, 


My name is —————–, and I am a student of [institution name] pursuing [current course name] from [date of joining]. I am writing this statement to change my course to [intended course], and I am stating my reasons for the same for your perusal. 


As a Civil Engineer with sufficient professional experience in the field, I have observed that Project Management is a vital aspect to understand how to execute projects in the Construction industry efficiently. The field is a vast and complex one that includes the management of a large number of resources to accomplish the targeted results. The study of Project Management promises to find the best solutions for this. I had received an introduction to it during my graduation as it was a module in my prescribed curriculum, and my professional responsibilities added to it. All of these initiated my interest in pursuing a postgraduate program in Project Management as it will give me a significant advantage in my future endeavours. 


At this juncture, I would like to state that my background in Civil Engineering will help me immensely to acclimatize to the Project Management program offered by your university. I have conducted much research about this particular program, and I am certain that this will be the right platform for me to augment my abilities in Project Management. The courses offered by your university, such as [give details about the course], are well-suited to my purposes. I am confident that under the tutelage of the experienced faculty, I will be able to develop my abilities further. [You can add another paragraph about why do you wish to study in this particular institution]


After the successful completion of the program, I plan to use my cumulative knowledge to establish a career as a Project Manager and Planning Engineer in learning Civil Engineering companies in my home country. Economies all over the globe require highly skilled professionals who will be able to manage operations effectively. It is the same for my chosen field of Civil Engineering as well and this degree will strengthen my profile significantly. This will enable me to implement international standards and pursue innovation in all my professional roles and responsibilities. 


I thank you for reading my personal statement and I hope that you will consider my case. 






Essential Requirements of Perfect SOP for Course Change

There are certain things that need to be kept in mind when you write an SOP. They are important elements for your essay and they are going to differentiate you from other applicants: 

Motivation for the course

You will have to express in detail why you are inclined to pursue this program, how you were introduced to it, and the initiative you are willing to take for it.

Relevant academic credentials:

Every SOP requires you to state your academic background as it will help the college select you for the program you want.

A proper explanation of your background:

Your education is the sum of all the experiences you have had in the institutions you have studied at. This is why you can mention the co-curricular and extracurricular activities you have been a part of.

Relation to your future goals:

Your SOP is only effective if you can relate it to a viable career plan. Therefore, you have to highlight how this program will help you achieve this.

Statement of Purpose for Course Change - Tips on the format

We have already explained the format that is generally required for writing an SOP, but to help you write better, we have also provided some additional tips that will aid you to write a flawless SOP: 

sop for change of course

    Follow the word count

    If there is a word limit stated by the university, you should adhere to it and structure your SOP accordingly.

    Avoid grammatical errors

    To present a better picture about yourself, you will make sure that your SOP is free of mistakes in grammar and sentence construction. You can use online writing tools to help you in this.

    Adequate planning of content

    To write an effective summary, it is necessary that you plan the details that you want to include in your SOP. This will ensure that SOP is concise.

    Clarity of thought

    Sometimes it is possible to lose track of the message you are trying to convey. This is why you need to state your intentions as clearly as possible.


    With clarity, your essay will also have to be concise. To achieve this, you must only stick to the details that will be required for your SOP.

    Multiple revisions:

    Your SOP can be free of errors if you proofread it a couple of times. Even getting a second opinion can also help you considerably.

    Follow format guidelines:

    It is important to give your SOP a proper structure and you will have to follow format guidelines followed by other candidates.

Most common mistakes avoid in your SOP for Course Change

While writing an SOP, it is quite common that one might make a few mistakes. However, this might result in the rejection of your application. We are highlighting some common mistakes made by aspirants in their SOP. These are: 

Not planning enough

This is a mistake that happens to many while writing an SOP. As you are presenting reasons for a different path, you need to think about what you want to include in the essay.

Not conducting research:

It is very important that you research extensively about the course you wish to switch to so that you can explain it according to your profile.

Not stating your goals

This is a key aspect of your SOP, as you need to state your reasons to change your path and take up a new course.

Not following a proper structure

 To ensure that your thoughts are coherent, it is necessary that you follow a proper structure. This will make sure that you do not miss any important points.

A casual approach

The SOP for a course change is a formal application and it needs to be treated as such. For this, your need to use dignified language to state your intentions.

Using a generic approach

An SOP is meant to state all the important aspects of your life which are relevant to the academic field you have chosen. This is why you should not use generic or cliched phrases in your SOP.

Giving false information

It is not advisable to make false claims about your profile while writing your SOP. This is why the best course of action is to state your intentions truthfully.


Copying from an existing SOP or any online example is forbidden as the admissions committee is interested in knowing about you. This is a mistake that can cause an immediate rejection of your application.

SOPs for leading Canadian universities:

Canada is globally recognized for its advanced programs for undergraduate, postgraduate, and diploma programs that attract several students to apply and pursue. We have compiled some details from top colleges in Canada to an idea of how to write SOPs for them: 

SOP for Dalhousie University

The university has provided a detailed document stating its requirements for its SOP. This will prove to be extremely helpful to the university’s expectations and write better.

SOP for the University of Alberta

The SOP for this university should not be more than two pages, where you have to provide specific details about your education and other experiences that are required for the program

SOP for the University of British Columbia

An SOP for this college requires you to lay emphasis on the motivation for your choice and how this will help your career plans. Its content should be original and revision of details is recommended.

SOP for the University of Calgary

Here, the university requires you to build a case for yourself in your SOP through positive statements about your intentions and without an excessive narrative of personal details.

SOP for the University of Toronto

The length of the SOP may vary according to the programs but the common theme is to provide a concise summary of your interest in the subject and your suitability for it.

SOP for York University

Writing a letter for this university has similar requirements as the other universities where you will explain your reasons to choose the program at this university and how you plan to proceed from there

SOPs for the top courses in Canada


This is one of the most popular programs in the field of business. This makes it a highly competitive program for admissions, where you will have to highlight important details about your education, reasons for obtaining an MBA, and your career prospects after it.

SOP for Computer Science

This is a crucial aspect of your admission and it will have to explain the information about your academics, interests in the field, any skills you might possess, projects you have worked on, and future aspirations.

SOP for Nursing:

This is a specialized program where you all have to present all the required details of your profile such as your education and professional experience, which will present you as an eligible student for the university.

SOP for Data Science:

This is a highly sought-after area of study due to its growing requirements in the world today. Your statement will have to include your skills in the field, any research you have been a part of, and what you plan to achieve with this data science program.

SOP for Supply Chain Management:

This statement is integral for explaining why you are a right fit for the program, as you will have to mention what you know of the field, your expectations from it, and your career prospects, along with your academic profile.

SOP for Engineering:

There are a number of branches that come under this field and Canada offers many options for them. Based on your area of specialization, you can tailor your SOP and the motivation you have to choose for the university’s assessment.

What are the documents required for SOP for a Change of Course

To support your admission application, you may have to submit the following documents, as they will verify the information you have provided in your SOP. These are:


We wish you all the success in writing an SOP for a course change so that you can pursue the path that you prefer. Through all the relevant information that we have provided in this blog, you will be able to write an SOP that will explain your purposes well and capture the attention of the admissions committee of your dream college or university. 


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