How to Write SOP for Canada?
A Handbook That Every Student Must Read

Canada intakes millions of students from countries all over the world every year.

One key criterion to get admitted into a Canadian institute is to convince the admission panel about your qualities and uniqueness through an SOP for Canada.

This blog covers everything about how to write SOP Canada.

What is SOP for Canada?

SOP Canada meaning gets more clarity when you dig into its purpose. It is a document that greatly influences your admission to Canadian academic institutes. Ideally, it should speak about your academic as well as professional strengths and unique personality traits that can add value to your candidacy.

Whys Is SOP for Canada So Important?

Knowing about the importance of SOP for Canada would help you write it with due seriousness. If you have a strong SOP in the application, it will impress selectors who struggle to cherry-pick the right candidate from hundreds of eligible ones.

Statement of Purpose for Canada Writing Format

The format of an SOP is to be chosen after considering the country conventions and requirements set by the institutes. When it comes to statement of purpose format Canada, you may consider the following aspects.

Text formatting

: Pick up an academically suitable font style, for instance Times New Roman, and font size, between 11 points size and 12 points size.

SOP word limit for Canada

: Write a short, comprehensive and straight to the point SOP Canada. Do not exceed the recommended word count if prescribed any by the institute. Ideal Canada SOP length is between 1000 and 1500 words.

Paragraph indenting

: Leave one line space between the paragraphs or indent the first line of each paragraph. Choose either of these and keep that consistent throughout your writeup.

Line spacing

: It is recommended to leave 1.5 or double-line space between sentences. Also, leave one inch margin on all sides.

Basic Guidelines for Drafting a Perfect SOP for Canada

The format of an SOP is to be chosen after considering the country conventions and requirements set by the institutes. When it comes to statement of purpose format Canada, you may consider the following aspects.

Write eye-catching introduction

: Start your SOP Canada with an eye-catching introduction. Use your inspiration story to start with. The uniqueness of your introduction would add more weightage to your SOP and compel selectors to read it fully.

Logically divide body paragraphs

: The body of your SOP should be divided into multiple paragraphs. Each paragraph should describe unique aspects of yours – academic background, professional experience, motivation, why this university etc.

Make it comprehensive

: Ensure that your SOP clarifies every question that your selectors may have when they examine your application. Think from the perspective of an admission officer who has to pick a few candidates from many.

Check readability

: The overall readability of your writeup will have an influence on your admission officers’ discretion to select you. Hence, make sure that there is a logical flow in the writeup – sentence after sentence and paragraph after paragraph.

End with an apt conclusion

: The conclusion of your SOP should serve as the final takeaway for the reader. It should summarize the whole writeup in one or two sentences, thank the reader for taking the time to read and encourage to consider your application.

sop for Canada

Five Mistakes Students Overlook While Writing SOP For Canada

Knowing how to avoid mistakes in SOP is as important as knowing how to make SOP for Canada. Some mistakes are very subtle to notice while others often happen due to sheer negligence.

  1. Not being clear about why Canada

      Your SOP Canada should clearly state why you choose Canada for your higher education. Why not other countries or your home country.
  2. Not explaining your future plans

      You must give a roadmap about your future plans – what you would do after the course completion. Don’t forget to mention you’ll return to your home country.
  3. Too many mistakes

      Even if the mistakes are subtle, they would backfire in a tough admission screening. Because selectors look for a reason to disqualify you when they have many eligible ones in the pool.
  4. Not meeting the requirements

      If there are any SOP requirements to comply with, you must draft your writeup according to the instructions you are given. Not adhering to institute specific directions would cause rejection.
  5. Not being honest

      Remember that the points you write in the SOP will be validated by the selectors if anything looks suspicious. Hence, be 100% honest with your claims and be reminded to back up each claim with evidences.

Statement of Purpose Example Canada

Check out some SOP samples Canada before writing your document. By reviewing an SOP for Canada pdf, you would get a fair idea of what an SOP contains, how it is developed from a personal experience or story etc. Only pick an authentic statement of purpose sample Canada.

Types of Canada Visas That Require Statement of Purpose

You would need an SOP for Canada visa approval besides for admission in a university. SOP is demanded for all types of Canadian visas. Below listed are the different types of Canada visas that require SOP.

SOP for Different Courses in Canada

It is beyond any question that you would need SOP for courses in Canada – be it medicine, law, social work, engineering or whatever you opt to study. Find below the top ten courses in Canada that students write SOP for.

SOP for Top Ten Canadian Universities

It must be noted that Canada is a country with a number of internationally reputed universities. As you write your SOP for University Canada, you must try to know what guidelines it asks you to comply with. Find below the list of top universities in Canada that you can consider writing SOP for.


With a powerfully written SOP, you can easily crack the challenge of getting admission in a reputed Canadian university or college.

By carefully following the guidelines discussed in this blog, you would be able to write a flawless and impressive Canada SOP.

We would like to know if you have any further questions regarding SOP for visa Canada or SOP in Canada universities. Drop your queries or suggestions in the comment section below.

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Sreeja Sudha

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