An Essential Guide To SOP for Student Visa In Canada After 12th

One of the most well-liked places for students to study abroad is Canada. Right ?

Therefore, if you want to go to Canada after earning your plus two, you must go through a long application process. Your journey’s final and most important step is getting a study visa.

If you desire a visa, you must provide a convincing and compelling SOP for Canada student visa after the 12th grade.

Therefore, you require proper guidance if you are unsure how to write your SOP for the Canada Student Visa after the 12th grade. You can learn more about the SOP for a Canadian student visa by reading this blog.

When you read this you will get the idea of:

  • Structure of the SOP for a student visa in Canada after 12th grade
  • A perfect sample to read
  • Tips and errors you should not make

What is SOP for a Canada student visa after 12th

For the visa officers to issue you a student visa, it is your duty as a student to fully explain everything they need to know about you. Your SOP for a student visa will tell the officials:

  • The factors that led you to choose Canada
  • Your plans for financing the programme and paying for living expenses in Canada
  • Plans for the future
  • If you have any backlogs or gaps in your academic life.

How long sop for a student visa in Canada after 12 th

The SOP for a student visa to Canada after the 12th grade is an important statement that is generally 1000–1500 words (less than 7500 characters) long. As said, there is no set length; however, you should try to remain within this character count or around 1-2 pages. Standard typefaces like Ariel, Times New Roman, etc. should be used in 12-point size. 

Importance of SOP

The finest universities in the world are mostly located in Canada. So, if you wish to set your application apart from the competition, a strong SOP becomes vital. It facilitates the visa officers:

  • To understand your objectives and desires.
  • Enhance your chances of being granted a student visa for Canada.
  • Your academic background and chosen course
  • Your justifications for staying in the country and incentives
  • Your purpose for visiting

How to write an sop for a student visa after 12th

You need to prepare all the data you’ll include in the SOP before applying for a student visa to Canada after your 12th grade. The essential components of your SOP for Canada student visa after 12th are as follows.

Make an introduction first

. You should make it evident to the visa officers in the first paragraph how interested you are in the topic and your career choice. Provide a powerful starting statement to get things going. You should also discuss the reasons behind your decision to pursue this career.

Your academic history

Along with your grades, include information about your academic background and the subjects you have studied at your school. Describe the knowledge you have acquired during your studies. In the SOP, you can also highlight extracurricular activities. You can also include your experience if you have it.

Explanation for your selection of course, institution, and country

Express your interest in the subject and the factors that prompted you to pick this course. Discuss the highlights of your decision to attend the university, such as the tuition, the course materials, the faculties, the placement, the ranking, etc. Give detailed reasons for selecting Canada instead of any other country.

Financial aspects

Here, you must describe your financial strategy for paying for the programme and your living expenses while in Canada. To back up your claims, provide sufficient documentation.


In your conclusion, focus on the importance of studying the program at the university and how the insights you will gain there will boost your career and enable you to achieve your goals.

Sample SOP For Canada Student Visa After 12th

SOP For Canada Student Visa After 12th Sample

The recipient’s name


To whom it may concern,

Subject: Application Process for Canadian Student Visa

I’m Laya Agarwal, and I would like to take this time to express my gratitude for the chance by introducing myself and outlining this statement of purpose. I’m a confident understudy attempting to gain expertise in computer science so I can build a more grounded career for myself as well as my family.  It is for this reason that I am writing this statement of purpose, in which I will carefully describe my academic status and future goals.

Family Background 

I was brought up in a place eminent for its stunning landscape (name of the place). We have been living here for quite a while. I’m from a culture that follows customary Indian values, and my family is deeply rooted in India. (Name) is my father, and he runs an event management company. Since the past five years, my mother (name) has functioned as a teacher at ABC School in (area). The names of my two siblings are (name), who is in the 10th grade, and (name), who is in the 6th grade.

Academic background 

I truly believe that all development and innovativeness originate from education.  Likewise, it gives you an opportunity to improve yourself. That was the way my scholastic life went. The fondest memories for me were interlaced inside it. My secondary education at XXX School was completed in (year). Then, I decided to major in computer science for my intermediate studies at XXX School, and I finished the year successfully. I received 99% for the latter and 98% for the former, respectively.

Why did I choose to study computer science for my bachelor’s degree?

I have consistently had an interest in math and technology, even in middle school. I fostered an enthusiasm for computers and coding in secondary school. My interest in coding was provoked by a random YouTube video that I watched, which spurred me to observe more. Thus, I began figuring out how to code in 10th grade and am currently doing so. I became mindful that it was some kind of creation as I was examining it. In the twelfth grade, my enthusiasm drove me to pick computer science as my major, which improved my insight into the field. My capacity to get a handle on technical and coding-related sections immediately empowered me to perform well on tests. I perceived how significant this field is to the progression of both the world and society overall. Since individuals all over the planet make various sorts of technological creations, this kept me considering the work possibilities in the area.

I continued my research into computer science careers in India and other countries while keeping this passion in mind. The way that an individual with proficient skills can fill countless various positions really amazed me. I was spurred to such an extent that I decided to pursue a bachelor’s in computer science at a renowned university to assist me in preparing for a challenging professional life.

What prompted me to choose Canada over India and other countries?

I figured out how different India is from different countries while I was studying here. One of my senior schoolmates, who studies in the UK, clarified for me how different the schooling system in India is in contrast with other countries. My openness to the world and knowledge regarding the subject can both be improved by studying abroad. I’m confident that studying with people who have common interests and objectives from around the world will provide me with outstanding expertise and perspectives in the domain that I will utilize to establish a solid platform for my future. Besides, I found that global organizations place more significance on teaching understudies with a practice-oriented approach, though the Indian educational system lacks the practical view of the subject. I subsequently settled on the choice to acquire a degree from a prestigious college overseas. 

I had a few options while searching for the best college for my studies, including Australia, the USA, New Zealand, Canada, and so on. However, I discovered that, with the exception of Canada, the cost of living and studying abroad was astronomically high. So I went with the choice to explore Canada as a potential study abroad destination. I understood that Canada offers both affordable and top-notch education. Canada has a totally different learning environment than other nations. My choice to make it final was affected by the charming social perspectives, solid laws, and affiliations with various top IT firms from across the world.

For what reason did I choose XYZ College?

I have been determined to find a college that emphasizes a realistic, student-focused approach since I decided to study in Canada. After much looking, I settled upon XYZ College, one of Canada’s best colleges, famous for its exclusive requirements and down-to-earth approach to education. My choice to pick XYZ College was solidified by the positive reviews about the institution. Likewise, I have found that the college has experienced faculty. With the wide academic design and the resources, I have certainty that I will get the direction I want to become the individual I desire to be.

Besides, I have found how well the college utilizes a set of dynamic and involved teaching systems, including conversations, talks, exercises, and PowerPoint presentations. While I’m working, this will without a doubt give me different capacities to match the necessities of the market.

Beyond a shadow of a doubt, the institution’s numerous internship possibilities would permit me to upgrade my abilities and foster new points of view in the business that will make me the individual I want to be.

Financial details 

I have already taken the steps necessary to cover all of the costs associated with my studies. Being financially secure, my father will be able to support all of my expenses while I am in Canada. For your reference, the documents related to the aforementioned are also included with the statement.

Career aspirations

I would leave for India in the wake of procuring my certification from XYZ College. From that point onward, I plan to advance my studies. I’m sure that the scholarly and professional experience I gain while studying will empower me to turn into an equipped expert. As per what I have learned from my research, I have a lot of chances in India in this area. I have a strong feeling that I can work in this industry and track down a position that suits me. I desire to work for famous IT organizations over the long haul and advance to additional senior jobs.


I mercifully ask that you cautiously look at my application after thinking about all the data I have quite recently given.

I’m anxious to hear back from you about my application, and I trust you will acknowledge it.

I thank you for providing me with a moment of your time.

Laya Agarwal

Top expert tips on how to write an sop for Canada student visa after 12th

sop for Canada student visa after 12th

These are a few important tips you can use while preparing a SOP for Canada student visa after 12th

  • Divide the SOP sections into paragraphs.
  • Please stick to the word count.
  • A personal and original SOP is a must.
  • Politely present yourself.
  • You must present a positive attitude regardless of the setbacks and difficulties you have faced.
  • In each section, be clear about the message you want to express.
  • Prepare your SOP ahead of time.
  • Complete a thorough proofreading.

What documents are required for Canada study visa after 12th?

When applying for a study visa to Canada after your 12th grade, you need to have the documents listed below:

  • Acceptance Letter
  • Valid Passport
  • Transcripts
  • Certificate of Completion of School
  • GIC Purchases Evidence
  • Details of the scholarship or funding, if any
  • English proficiency test proof
  • Proof of Medical Test

How much gap is acceptable for Canada study visa after 12th?

According to the rules, the majority of Canadian universities accept students who have taken breaks from their studies. For bachelor’s and undergraduate studies, you are permitted to take a study break of up to two years.

Major, Bachelors and Diploma Courses In Canada

sop for Canada student visa after 12th

Both undergraduate and diploma courses are open to students in Canada. Following is a list of undergraduate programmes available in Canada:

  •  BBA in Supply  Chain Management
  • Business administration diploma (finance)
  • com (Finance, Marketing, Accounting, Taxation, Advertising)
  • Multimedia and Animation Courses
  • Bachelor of Science (B. Sc.) in architecture (Science)
  • Engineering in Biomedicine
  • Aviation Courses Architecture Engineering Mechanical and Material Science Engineering
  • Nursing
  • Hotel Management courses
  • Environmental Planning and Design Bachelor’s degree


It seems that among international students, Canada is the most desired study location. Don’t waste any more time and apply for your student visa using the best and most convincing SOP.

We covered all the information you require for writing the SOP for Canada student visa after 12th grade in this article. Get ready to write your own now.

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