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We wish to start by expressing our utmost gratitude towards you for choosing us. We are honored to offer our SOP (Statement of Purpose) writing services to you. We request you to read through the Terms of Service of our company and abide by the same before initiating the services.

For the sake of clarity, we will explain the terminology used in the following content.

Phrases such as “we”, “us”, “our company” and “our service” refers to this company as a whole. “You”, “Customer”, “clients”, and “they” have been used to refer to any person approaching us for our services.

The Terms of Service (ToS) furnished below may be revised or updated at any time as our company deems fit. We request all our clients to familiarize themselves with the latest version of the ToS before hiring us. By visiting this website, it assumed that you have understood and agree to our Terms of Services, which are as follows:

General Terms of Service

  1. When clients approach us for SOP writing services, we expect them to share with us different types of information, personal data, and supporting documents that are required for the fulfillment of the project.
  2. We may request you to share relevant documents and resources while the discussions for the project are in their initial stage.
  3. You are required to make a payment in advance after discussing with our representative accepting our terms of service. The final output will be submitted to you within x-y hours along with a receipt notifying you about the completion of the service. You should remit the remaining charges within 24 hours of receiving the final output.
  4. Our SOP writing services follow a fixed service charge system. They are not open to negotiation once an agreement is reached and services are initiated.
  5. The ownership of the SOP and its content will be retained by us until the customer clears the due payment. We are entitled to use the same for any fitting purpose according to our discretion.

Terms of Service for Statement of Purpose Documents

  1. The customer is responsible to provide us with all the information and document required for us to create a personalized and persuading Statement of Purpose which the customer expects. We will initiate the writing process only after all the required information has been sent to us by the client. Any delay from the client to do so will result in a delay in the completion of the project.
  2. We will start the process of writing only after the client has made half of the total payable amount discussed and agreed by the customer and our company. Any delay in the payment of the advance will delay the inception of the project.
  • We make recommendations to assist the client to select a suitable SOP format. However, the customer should notify us beforehand if the target university/institution that he or she is applying to stipulates any specific format.
  • The user can suggest to us an SOP format of his preference before the project gets started. If the user has no such preferences or has not notified us of the same, we will use our standard format. No request for format change will be accepted once the project is at its writing phase.
  • If the client requests and insists on a change in SOP format after the project has been started, it will be considered as a request for a new project. In such cases, the client is obliged to remit a fresh payment to initiate the proceedings of the said new project.
  • The client may request us to edit the SOP within 24-48 hours after the project has been delivered by us. Edit requests made after the specified time window will get rejected. Such edits will be limited to the content of the completed SOP. Any request for complete rewriting, the addition of content, or format alteration of the SOP will be considered a request for a new project.
  • Customers are required to read the entire SOP before making edit requests. We are open to constructive and actionable feedbacks along with the edit request.  Vague statements such as “not satisfied” or “not up to the expectations” will not be addressed. You are encouraged to highlight the portion for editing and adding your requests as comments. Invalid or unreasonable comments may be disregarded at our discretion.
  • The customer is expected to provide us with all required information at the beginning itself. There are no guarantees of including information sent to us after the commencement of a project. Adding new information to a completed SOP will be considered as extra work and charged accordingly.
  • We are not liable for the failure in securing admission to any course to any college/university in any country. Our company will not take the responsibility for any loss to money or career due to the SOP created by us. The user will not hold our company, nor the SOP developed by the company, accountable for any damage they face anywhere or at any time.

When a customer hires SOPforCanada for its services, we assume that the customer has fully read, understood, and agreed to the terms and conditions given above.