Best SOP Writing Services in Kolkata

Are you worried about your preparation for the upcoming intake? Looking for professional SOP writers in Kolkata? Well, consider your wishes granted. We have been in the business of creating stunning SOPs that guarantee admissions to global universities. Let us help you submit a true account of your skills that make you stand out!

Our SOP writing services in Kolkata have been gaining momentum among students due to our promise of student support and satisfaction. Still not convinced? Scroll down to learn how we can add value to your admission process.

What makes us the leading SOP Writing Services in Kolkata?

Our popularity in Kolkata has been improving with every SOP delivered to a student. We believe that this stems from the following reasons:

Skilled writers

We have onboard a team of expert writers who have diverse experiences. They are highly creative and have a strong command of the English language.

Specialised experience

We have been focused on SOP writing for about years. Our writers are well versed with the writing guidelines and formats together with tips and tricks to convince admission officers.

Student centric approach

Our SOP writing process is heavily focused on the student’s needs and satisfaction. We strive to meet the student expectations in terms of portraying their skills, personality traits and achievements in an organised manner.

Competitive prices

We have special prices for SOP writing that matches the market price. However, it varies with the word count, writing format and even deadline. Click here to speak to our HR associate and get a quote today!

Express delivery

So far, we have been successful in attaining 99% of on time content delivery. If you are in immediate need of your SOP, we have an express delivery option.

Professional accountability

We are prompt on customer assistance and our HR associates are available at multiple mediums like WhatsApp, Email, Phone, etc. In order to learn about our policies, connect with us by clicking here.

List of Colleges that we have written the SOP for

Our expertise in crafting SOPs has enabled us to write for various top-tier universities.

The popular ones are given as follows:

Our professional SOP Writing Services Near You

The team is today catering to students from cities across India. We are known for providing the:

sop writing services in Kolkata

Hire the best SOP writing services in Kolkata

Over the years, we have helped students get placed in universities spanning continents. We are experts in providing:

  • SOP writing services for Ahritola
  • SOP writing services for Alambazar 
  • SOP writing services for Baghbazar
  • SOP writing services for Baghbazar
  • SOP writing services for Baranagar
  • SOP writing services for Ghugudanga
  • SOP writing services for Kamalapur
  • SOP writing services for Madrassa

Our process of writing professional SOP

We follow a unique method of providing SOP writing services in Kolkata that we have perfected over the years. We believe that it is these steps below that has underlined our success one SOP at a time:

#1- Consult with student

The first step is to clearly understand the student’s needs. We take a note of the number of words, the name of the university, chosen line of study, application deadline etc.

#2- Gather relevant input

Then we ask the student to fill our questionnaire to extract relevant information about the student’s profile. We also welcome additional attachments like resume, certificates, reference letters for greater insight.
sop writing services in Kolkata

#4- Planning and structuring

Now the writer charts out all the gathered information. Then they are matched and structured in the university specified writing format.

#5- Writing and reviewing

Then your SOP is crafted carefully, addressing all the prompts in a clear and organised way. Once the writing process is over, the SOP is proofread by our professional editors, who check for any errors or compromise on quality.

#3- Thorough research

Then the writers conduct a serious study to learn about the student’s choices. This helps them understand the program, university, the eligibility criteria, the program outcomes better.

#6- Submit to student

The first draft is then sent to the writer for any feedback. Revisions to a reasonable limit is permitted.

SOP Writing Services For Courses

Our SOP writing services in  Kolkata are not limited to any particular area of study. However the most popular demand is for:

What are the important points that you should keep in mind while writing SOP?

We have prepared this list of key points that you need to keep in mind while drafting your SOP:

Extensive research

Before you get started, make sure that you know everything about your choice of program and university. This is important as you need to portray your knowledge of the program and its outcomes to create an impression.

Express your interest and passion

Admission officers are very particular about knowing your reason for choosing that particular program or university. You can clarify the same through an anecdote, by mentioning your career goals or your expectation of program outcomes.

Mention your skills and achievements

You should present your profile as the perfect fit for the program. This can be easily done by addressing the eligibility criteria set by the chosen program. Provide real life examples of how you have previously exhibited those skills.

Clarity and professionalism

You must ensure that your SOP puts the points across without leaving any scope for ambiguity. As it is a formal document, you must maintain a professional tone throughout.

Stick to university guidelines

Universities may have set specific guidelines related to submission, writing, format etc. You must ensure that you are aware of these instructions before you start the process.

Seek second opinion or professional help

If you are unsure or not feeling confident, you can approach your mentors or professors for feedback. They can guide you better if you are straying away from the essential points.