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Cover Letter for Canada visa worrying you? Looking for professional advice in writing your visa cover letter?

It is not easy to put together an error-free cover letter. Especially if you do not have professional academic writing experience like us, we can imagine how confused you are! Well, not to worry, because we have the perfect solution to your problem.

Our team of professional writers have compiled this writing guide to help you. By referring to this blog, you will understand: 

What is Cover Letter for Visa Application?

While submitting your application to visit Canada, Indian students, professionals or tourists are required to attach a letter to explain the purpose for the visit. This calls for a document called Cover Letter which you address to the Canadian Embassy or Consulate.


This Cover Letter is a formal document that must be written by the applicant. It must clearly state the reason for requesting the visa for travelling to Canada. It must be unique and customised to explain your eligibility and purpose to study, visit or work in Canada.

Importance of a Cover Letter for Visa Application

A cover letter for a Canadian visa is a crucial document and it serves more than just one purpose. Let us help you understand how it can benefit you:

Types of Visa Application Letter

Cover letters can be customised to meet your visa requirements and set guidelines. Below, you can find the different types of Types of visa application letter that are submitted to Canadian embassies or consulates:

Visa Cover Letter Format

A cover letter for a Canadian visa is written in a professional business letter format. As you browse through samples, you would learn a Canada cover letter format includes the following elements:

Research and learn the requirements

First, you must familiarise yourself with the type of visa you are eligible for. In that context, you must understand the guidelines as well as regulations that you must adhere to, with utmost clarity.

Gather all the inputs

In the light of the visa type, collect all the supporting documents as well as pieces of information pertaining to your visa type. You can take the advice of an immigration expert or refer to previously approved samples to get a better idea.

Structure and format

You can use your vocabulary and creative writing skill to put all the pieces of information together as required by the visa guidelines. Ensure that you provide your contact information for any subsequent communication.

Attach supporting documents

Ensure that you substantiate your claims with concrete proof and documents. Do not forget to mention the list of attachments after the signature.

Revise and proofread

Make sure that you go through the cover letter multiple times to check for any errors. You can use the help of professional writers, powerful proofreading softwares or approach a Canadian immigration expert for a second opinion.

Visa Cover Letter Sample

You must go through cover letter sample for visa to get a better idea of the formats and structure. Below we have attached a tourist visa cover letter sample:



The Visa Officer

Canada High Commission

New Delhi


Subject: Cover Letter for Canada Tourist Visa Application


Dear Sir/Madam,


I am Swarupa Kumari (Passport No XXXXX) and I am writing this letter to support my visa application for Canada Tourist Visa. I plan to visit the country from DD.MM.YYYY to DD.MM.YYYY. My purpose of the visit is for personal pleasure and the nature of the visit is hence personal.


Travel Plan for 1 week


I plan to stay in Canada for a period of 1 week. This includes the day that I arrive at “Name of airport” till the day I board my flight to Chennai. Besides visiting my friends in Toronto, I have prepared a clear cut travel itinerary for myself to explore the natural and popular tourist attractions boasted by Canada.


  • Day 1 (date) – Arrival at “Name of airport”, flight number, “time of arrival”. I plan to head directly to hotel “name of hotel”
  • Day 2 (date) – I will meet my friend, Akansha at “name of place” and explore the beautiful landscapes and natural beauty
  • Day 3 (date) – Travel to “name of place”. Check in at “name of hotel”
  • Day 4 (date) – Sightseeing at “name of place”
  • Day 5 (date) – Attend the “name of festival, event, carnival”
  • Day 6 (date) – Shopping for family at “name of place”
  • Day 7 (date) – Meet Akansha at “name of place” and board the flight (flight number) to Chennai scheduled at “time of departure”


Personal Information


I was born on DD.MM.YYYY in Chennai, India. I hold an Indian passport (passport number) and I am a proud citizen of India. I was raised by “name of father, who is a retired university professor and my mother, “name of mother” who is a homemaker. I am the single daughter in my loving and supporting family who relies highly on me for their sustenance.

With their blessings and inspiration, I earned my Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science Engineering from Madras Christian College. My serious academic track record from schooling impressed various hiring managers, helping me land 3 placement offers by the time I graduated. I chose to work with Infosys as a Software Engineer for the first three years of my career. At present, I am working with a start-up called Finfuse where I am managing a team of 5 software engineers. I draw a handsome salary of Rs XXXXX per annum.


Details of close friends in Canada


I do not have any relatives or distant family members living in Canada. However, I aim to visit my former classmate from college, Akansha Nair, during my visit to Canada. We have been in close contact since the first day of college and I am excited to meet her after 2 long years of living in the country. She is currently staying at “address” and is working with “name of company” as a Senior Software Engineer. She can be reached at (phone number) for any further clarifications.


Details of Previous Travel


I have previously travelled to Germany and France in YYYY to meet the Infosys team stationed there. The nature of the visit was strictly to attend meetings and set up the infrastructure to get started with our project.


Incentive to return home


I am not planning to extend my stay beyond the above mentioned timeline of 1 week. This is because I have various commitments to attend to back in India. I have been granted leave only for a week this winter and I plan to join back by DD.MM.YYYY. Apart from that, I have arranged for a helper to ease my parents of the household chores for one week. However, it is only a temporary solution and I am needed back at home. Besides giving all the love and support they can get in their old age, I am responsible for taking them to their doctors’ appointments that are scheduled on DD.MM.YYYY and DD.MM.YYYY respectively.


Apart from that, I am well adjusted and love the culture I have been brought up with. I only want to visit Canada for sightseeing and thus, I have booked the flight on DD.MM.YYYY to return back to my permanent home.


Explanation of Financial Sufficiency


I am humbled to say that I am sponsoring my tour in Canada. My 5+ year long career and my calculated spending pattern helped me save enough to fund this 1 week long trip. I am hereby attaching my bank statements, salary slips as well as offer letters to corroborate the same.


I hereby promise that I have no intentions in prolonging my stay more than a week in Canada. I am well aware and cognizant of the immigration regulations set for international tourists and I intend to abide by them.


I hope that I have been able to furnish all the details pertaining to my tourist visa application. I am looking forward to hearing a positive response and being able to visit Canada.


Yours Sincerely,


Swarupa Kumari

Essential Requirements Of Cover Letter for Visa Application

While putting the various pieces together into the visa application cover letter format, you must be aware of the crucial elements that you must not miss out on. They are as mentioned below:

Reason for visiting Canada

Most important element is your purpose and motivation for visiting the country. You must clearly state the reason and the visa type you are applying for.

Applicant’s information

Make sure to provide all crucial information like your full name, passport information, address, phone number, email, etc.

Applicant’s background

You must also mention your previous and current educational and professional experiences.

Ties with home country

To emphasise your intention to return after the duration of the visa, you should provide concrete evidence of your ties to your home country.

Proof of financial sufficiency

You must also prove your capability to bear the financial expenses that you incur while you visit Canada.

Extra documents

Make sure to attach all the documents to the cover letter and mention the same after the closing.  

6 Points to Keep in Mind to Create a Standard Cover Letter for Canada

cover letter for visa application

We have prepared this list of key points that you need to consider while writing a visa cover letter

  1. Ensure that you begin the letter with a formal salutation, addressing the recipient correctly.
  2. You must maintain a positive and professional tone throughout the letter.
  3. Make sure to properly introduce yourself, the purpose of the visit, your travel history etc.
  4. You must clearly state your intention to return from Canada after the stipulated timeline by providing solid proof of your engagement in the home country.
  5. You could personalise the letter better by adding short anecdotes and experiences from your endeavours.
  6. Seek help if you are getting stuck or if you are confused. You can approach a professional cover letter writer or a Canadian immigration expert for the best insights.

List of Common Mistakes to Avoid in a Visa Request Letter

Not everyone is well-versed with all the writing guidelines and this ignorance can lead to serious consequences. However, we have put together a list of avoidable mistakes that you might encounter while drafting a visa request letter:

  • Avoid stuffing the cover letter with irrelevant information. Rather use the opportunity to focus on the important elements like your purpose for visit, financial information, ties to home country, etc.
  • Do not use generic templates or vague sentences. Ensure that you produce a cover letter that is personalised for your particular visa type and add inputs that make your application stand out from the rest.
  • It is not wise to submit a lengthy cover letter as visa officers are looking only for relevant information. Stuffing it with too many irrelevant details can discredit your application.
  • Do not forget to proofread and correct any grammatical, spelling or punctuation errors.
  • Avoid lying or manipulating facts in your cover letter. You should also be careful to check your cover letter for plagiarism.
  • Do not ignore the formatting and structuring of your cover letter. Your cover letter must be well-organised and readable – highlighting the crucial points through bullet points.

What Documents Should you Provide with a Cover Letter While Applying for Canadian Visa?

cover letter for visa application

Though the list of documents required vary according to visa type, there are a few general documents that you must attach to your cover letter for a Canada visa. They are as given below:

  1. Valid passport
  2. Completed and signed visa application form
  3. Recent passport sized photos
  4. Sponsorship letters, back documents, etc to prove financial sufficiency
  5. Travel itinerary
  6. Acceptance letter from educational institution, employment contracts, job offers, etc to prove your reason to visit Canada
  7. Hotel bookings,letter of invitation or rental agreements to prove arrangement of accommodation
  8. Travel insurance
  9. Property ownership, family ties, employment contracts, etc to prove ties to home country
  10. Other documents like marriage certificate, educational transcripts, birth certificate etc. depending upon visa type

The Synonyms of Cover Letter for Visa Application

  • Visa letter
  • Personal Cover letter
  • Statement of Purpose
  • Letter of Introduction
  • Covering Letter
  • Visa Letter to the embassy
  • Letter to the immigration for visa approval
  • Introductory letter for visa approval
  • Purpose of travel letter
  • Letter of visa approval
  • Letter to the embassy for visa request
  • Cover letter for visa application


  Having reached the end of the blog, are you now confident enough to write a cover letter on your own? We hope this blog has given you a clear idea on how to write a Cover Letter for visa application Canada. Following the tips and format mentioned in the blog will help you leverage the quality of you cover letter. If any doubts still persist, feel free to contact us.  


A cover letter is important, because it provides important information about your trip, your financial status, etc.

Your cover letter for visa application should be worded between 500 to 1000 words.

Yes , it is always good to provide a detailed explanation of the itinerary in the cover letter.

Give a detailed itinerary, and make them believe that the sole intention of your visit is for a purpose and you won’t overstay in the country. Be honest in your writing.

Yes, it is always preferred to include dates in a cover letter.


While concluding your cover letter for visa application, thank them for their time and consideration, and choose a professional salutation to end the letter.


Sreeja Sudha

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